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Our highly experienced team is dedicated to offering expert guidance in selecting the most suitable materials for your specific application. We provide valuable insights on practical manufacturing methods based on the design considerations of your project. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to attend meetings at your office, on-site, or at our West Berkshire Studio.



We specialize in producing manufactured samples to enhance client presentations. Our diverse range includes clad or wrapped panels, detailed handmade work, and more. As part of our commitment to quality, we offer next-day samples from our collection.

Furthermore, our factory is equipped to develop prototypes, offering an invaluable service to bring your design and visualization to life. This process allows for final adjustments and ensures your vision is fully realized.



We are open to joint tendering opportunities and are ready to provide budgets and detailed cost profiles for your project. Our skilled estimators can work with detailed drawings and finish specifications to offer a tailored quotation that suits your specific needs.

To streamline the process, we kindly request that documents be submitted in PDF format. In case of a large quantity of files and drawings, we recommend compressing them into a .zip file or utilizing file-sharing services like WeTransfer or Dropbox. Additionally, providing a quotation or tender return date will assist us in prioritizing and meeting critical deadlines.



All our manufacturing takes place in our purpose-built Reading factory, spanning over 5,000 square feet. Within this facility, our team of skilled artists meticulously craft each product with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship, utilizing liquid metal for superior quality.

We encourage our customers to visit our factory and witness their order in production. This not only allows you to observe the manufacturing process firsthand but also provides an opportunity for a final inspection before delivery, ensuring complete satisfaction



Liquid Metal Ltd provides both a supply-only service and a comprehensive supply and fit service. Our team of experienced fitters has successfully executed projects across the United Kingdom as well as internationally, delivering exceptional results.

Discuss Your Project

We invite you to make contact with our design studio to collaborate on or enquire about a project.

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